Basalisk's Staff Application

Sep 03, 17 8:10



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Hello, many of you probably know me as Basalisk in game.


What time zone are you in?

I play on Easten Standard Time, mainly early in the morning from 6-10 A.M.

How long have you been playing MineCraft?

I have only been playing Minecraft for 4 months.


How long have you been playing on Strictly Vanilla?

I have been a part of the wonderful Strictly Vanilla servers for around 2 months.

Why do you want to be staff? 

It is evident to us all that every day Strictly Vanilla grows, and that wonderful growth brings us wonderful new players. Sadly, not everyone new is good, and even those which are good may sometimes appreciate and require assistance. I have noticed that in the early mornings, the time I play on the most, usually have little to no staff online. I love everything about this server, and I wish to see it prosper; it would give me no further pleasure to play my part the best that I can.

Are you in any major factions? if so what one? 
Yes. I am a humble member of Town Town.

Will you abuse any power given to you? 
No. Power should be delegated from the community to those that in return with use their power to benefit said community.

What are the rules for players in your own words? 

Players must not give themselves an unfair advantage through any means, such as but not limited to hacking, glitch abuse, etc. It is also vital that players respect each other equally. Cursing, spamming, inappropriate banter, and other behaviors that violate the child friendly policy, will not be tolerated.


What are the Rules for staff in your own words? 

See above. A position of power should not place staff above the rules. We must abide by them like everyone else, although there also comes the responsibility for staff to look over and enforce the rules when it is needed.

Do you agree to be banned if any abuse is found? 

Are you willing to start from the bottom and work way up?

Of course :)


Any other information you would like to provide.

I love this server, I really do. It has a wonderful little community, hardworking staff, and genuinely good content. It would bring me over the moon to be a part, albeit a small one, of this. I have read through all the other staff applications, and I am aware of my inexperience. If i must wait longer, I will. Thank you.


(Example of whats it like on the server when I'm on:

Sep 03, 17 8:28



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Very well written app. Definitly took a lot of time to do it, which we totally appreciate. You are also an active player as I see your name a lot when I get on in the morning. While I cannot say for sure if you'd make good staff (I personally haven't gotten to know you very well), I'd say you have a good chance to make one. 

The only negative I can see is that you have only played for two months. Noted that isn't set and stone and some have been accepted despite that.

All I can say is good luck with your application and thanks for applying :D


Sep 03, 17 13:35



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I agree with Ty. You are definitely an active helpful member of the community but I think you should be on the server for a bit longer before you become staff.

Sep 04, 17 4:04



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Despite what everyone else has said, i think that you are ready to be staff: i see you the majority of the time that I'm on; you help me staff when i am unable to do so (like when I'm afk) But obviously it isn't my decision so ill leave it up to the staff :D

Good luck!! :P

Sep 04, 17 9:30



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Thank you Ty, Logger, JLR. I'm glad to see I've made a decent impression on the community. If time is my only requirement for now, that can be accomplished.

Oct 18, 17 18:28



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+1 from me. Basalisk is a kind person and I believe he would be a great staff member. His app is well-written as well.

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