Secret Santa 2017?

Dec 09, 17 16:38



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Hi Everyone! some of you may remember that last year around this time we made an attempt at a server wide secret santa event. However, due to time restraints and the 1.11.2 map reset it didnt fully work out as planned.  Personally I thought it was a fantasic idea and would love to see an event like this take place. As many of you know this griefing is allowed and people usually keep their distance on this server so a community wide event like this could be cool. I would be willing to organize the event if  we decide it is a good idea. Any opinions or suggestions on this topic would be appreciated. Let me know what you think and have a wonderful day and happy holidays!

Dec 09, 17 16:43



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I think it would be a cool event to do! Id love to participate (:

Dec 11, 17 12:09



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You brought this up the other night Yoc.

Do you think we might host at my place? One, some people already know where it's at. Two, it's got a fairly straightforward route through the nether from spawn.


Dec 11, 17 12:25



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im in!

Dec 11, 17 15:46



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Lol, so am I!! :D

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