ATTENTION! People of SV!

Jan 06, 18 15:45



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Hello, your friendly server mate BigYoc18 here with a special announcement.  I write this today representing the great Sigma faction. If you have been on SV for any amount of time I'm sure you have heard of us.  Well today is your lucky day because Sigma is now accepting members into our newest outpost! If you are interested in joining the servers' most powerful faction all you have to do is relpy to this thread with your in game name and discord handle, (EX. IGN: BigYoc18 DISC: BigYoc18#2677), as well as why you want to join.  If the members of sigma feel you are a good candidate the secretary of Sigma public relations (me) will contact you via discord or in game. I hope you all see the great value in this opportunity and i wish you all luck in being selected. Keep Calm, Sigma on.

-BigYoc18 Σ


Jan 06, 18 16:14



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Sans here, hoping you can select a houmous bonehead. Puns galore sure to tickle your funny bone! an outpost sounds fun to build, my last crew tried to kill me then noggin led me on a wild goose chase. I redstone, pvp, and consider myself a great minor, the profession not the felony. (IGN: TheShortSkeleton )

Jan 06, 18 17:20



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IGN - LittleYoc18, 

I am big noob and would like to join your almighty faction. Please let me join I wont greif or steal I swear on it. pls invite me thx.

Jan 06, 18 18:42



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The big group of player hunters? Count me in! I would love to join sigma! Im so hype rn! Lemme join plzkthnx! And anyone else reading this, take it from me that theres absolutely NOTHING to be suspicious about sigma! Theyre totally straight up and legit! Totally! Why, theyre just about the nicest player hunt- I mean, player *helpers that Ive ever met! Trust them today!

Jan 06, 18 18:50



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IGN- kajmot      DISC- kaj#4522

Jan 07, 18 10:39



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I have to agree Mak :P

Jan 20, 18 23:47



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IGN - MountainMildew

I as your true Slugma leader want to apply so I can reclaim my position of absolute power so we may continue our conquest to greatness!

My hours are Monday thru Friday 9-4:30, feel free to leave a message during that timeframe!

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