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This will be a locked thread, we will not debate, argue, or discuss the information contained herein.

The post that was made last night by WhatYouEgg21 was not deleted because anyone is incapable of debating the points that were made, it was deleted because no matter how valid those points are or are not in the real world, this is not the real world, this is a video game.

This is a privately owned, community funded and volunteer operated server and forum for said video game, not a public venue of any sort. That being said, these resources being privately owned, community funded, and operated by those volunteering their time gives us the right to impose rules and guidelines for the use of these resources. We impose these rules and guidelines because people don't want to come to a video game server to discuss politics or religion, or have debates about real world issues. They come to relax, play a video game and escape real life for awhile. We do not impose these rules and guidelines to pigeonhole anyone's ideals, beliefs, or ability to argue, debate or discuss these. The words we restrict are to promote a fun relaxing environment that is also child safe and family friendly for our members. If you wish to use words that are against our rules or have these arguements/debates about subjects that are against our rules to have in public chat or on our fourms the solution is simple. Take it some place other than our forums or public chat on our game server.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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