Kajmots application

Jan 16, 18 5:34



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My in game name is: kajmot

My time zone is Australian Eastern Time Zone UTC+10:00

I have been playing Minecraft on and off since 2010.

According to minecraft-statistic.net I have been playing on Strictly Vanilla for about 1200 hours over about the last 8 months.

I would like to join the staff of Strictly Vanilla because I have noticed a major lack of staff online in my afternoons. 
I would like to help the server to remove any Toxic players from the game if ever the need arises.
I have been playing Minecraft a lot lately and would love to help.

I am currently allied with sigma. But I would like to think of myself as more of a neutral player.
My allegiances would never get in the way of staff duties.

I kajmot promise to never abuse any power given to me.

The rules in my words would be:
 No toxic chat.
 Keep religion and politics out of chat.
 No hacking.
 No swearing.
 No abuse of exploits like duping.
 No spamming.
 Don't advertise other servers or websites ect.
 Try to be nice and have fun.

My rules to the staff of SV would be:
 Follow all the rules that the normal players do.
 Be nice in chat.
 Don't abuse any power you have.
 Don't have public arguments in chat with other staff or players.
 As a staff member you represent SV, Try not to make the server look bad.
 Follow all rules given by Saenaria or Delview.

I kajmot agree to be banned if any abuse is found. 

I would happily start from the bottom but I would much rather start as a moderator without spectator.

Some Info about me.
My name is Jack. 
If you read Kajmot backward it spells out my Brother and my name tom jak.
We bought minecraft together long ago but now the account belongs to me.
I have previous experience being an admin long ago.
I have watched minecraft evolve from a baby all the way to the behemoth it is now.
I have a fairly decent grasp of how the game works since I enjoy game design.

Thank you for reading my application.
Kajmot <3

"This post has been edited slightly to reflect more current information"

Jan 16, 18 10:46



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Definite +1, not only because of the time zone, but also because your a super active, friendly player. You deserve the role mate, good luck! :D

Jan 16, 18 18:09



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The timezone is going to work in your favor, as not many of the staff are from that area. However, I do not believe you have been on the server long enough to be warning team *just* yet. Good luck!

UPDATE - this message has been revoked, see new message in later post.


Jan 17, 18 0:55



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+1 from me good luck dude 

Jan 19, 18 17:08



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i see ty's point but i also think youre a cool guy. +0.5 and good luck

Jan 30, 18 20:05



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+1 Well written app :) Getting to know you the past week or so made me think you are capable of being a staff member :) Having experiences in being an admin is great because you already know what it's like to be a staff member. You follow the rules and you do help fellow staff peeps with the trolls :D You are a friendly person too :) Good luck!