Enderbot_Rampage's staff application

Jan 24, 18 13:35



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Your In Game Name: JustEnder_ (Formerly Enderbot_Rampage, until the bet that required me to have that name wore off.)

What time zone are you in?: Eastern time zone

How long have you been playing Minecraft?: I've been on PC since 1.8 came out, so 5 years.

How long have you been playing on Strictly Vanilla?: 4 years. (Wow its been that long?)

Why do you want to be staff?: I enjoy this server, and there's no reason not to help it in any way I can. And since I can't donate (yet), Staff is an excellent option. Also, because it's very annoying to have to deal with rulebreakers when there's no staff on. Can't hurt to be the one helping.

Are you in any major factions? If so what one?: Yes, I'm the head of Enderco. Its a small, not very powerful faction made up of me, _Fruitface_, MrTortoise, and a few others. Not exactly "major" to be honest. There are more people, I guess, but they just live there, like, loqkloqklok (if that's how you spell it), and Basalisk.

But, regardless of my position there, the server comes first.

Will you abuse any power given to you?: No, I very much like playing on this server, and I'd like to keep playing. My job would be to help enforce the rules, not break them. Abusing my position is definitely against the rules.

What are the rules for players in your own words?: Don't swear in chat (which includes using acronyms, replacing the word with an obvious substitute, or trying to censor it yourself), don't speak about politics, religion, sex, or anything which could invoke controversy (keep the real world out of this world), keep discussion PG, do not hack, or used a hacked client, and do not argue with a Staff member if they tell you what you are doing is against the rules. While there is nothing wrong with telling another player the rules of the server, do not try to do the staffs job for them.

Although it is my opinion that some of the rules can be fairly strict, I understand why it is important to be and will help enforce said rules regardless of my feelings towards them.

What are the Rules for staff in your own words?: Staff may not use their power for personal gain or act in any way deemed unprofessional or rude in public chat, such as arguing with a fellow staff member or breaking rules themselves. Any staff matters are to be handled in designated forums, Discord, or private chat. If unable to solve a problem, ask another staff member for help. Be professional, and keep your cool.

Do you agree to be banned if any abuse is found?: Yes.

I would expect nothing less.

Are you willing to start from the bottom and work way up?: Of course. What other way is there to go?


Thanks for considering me!


Jan 24, 18 16:45



Likes: 25
Dislikes: 10
Donated: 7100

+1 from me, you've been a great guy all around. I can't wait to see great things from you!

Jan 24, 18 17:21



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Dislikes: 9
Donated: 0

Friendly, active player, +1!! Good luck mate! :D

Jan 24, 18 18:55



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Thanks for the support guys! :)

Jan 24, 18 19:49



Likes: 23
Dislikes: 1
Donated: 5

+1 I believe you are capable of being a staff member :) The app is written nicely as well! You are kind, funny and helpful, too (: Good luck!

Jan 24, 18 20:19



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*Enderbot_Rampage chucks Kri a potato.

Feb 11, 18 10:08



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+1 from me, active player and super friendly :P

Feb 11, 18 16:35



Likes: 5
Dislikes: 4
Donated: 25

I think you need more staff members, Ender also seems to be on when no other staff is on which would be nice. Its kinda pointless to have bunch of staff members that are only on at the same time

May 28, 18 18:40



Likes: 11
Dislikes: 1
Donated: 140

Just realized I somehow never got round to +1'ing this so, +1. Competent, mature, active, friendly.

Jul 13, 18 14:53



Likes: 31
Dislikes: 5
Donated: 50

meant to do this sooner but +1 from me. ender is a chill and friendly guy <3

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