Banned for Client joke

Feb 22, 17 13:59



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I am writing this as an appeal to a ban that was made due to making a joke passively about using a client.

A player must not discuss banned players, hacked clients, Bukkit Servers, or any substantial material related to Servers other than Strictly Vanilla.

I did not discuss the client, I in fact didn't even know if it was still a thing, I did not endores using it. For the topic of the conversation was "breaking the rules" I was using

client as both a joke and an example of breaking the rules. And yes my speech may have been edgy about the president I was merely saying what was the text of a meme. I didn't

endores any political viewpoint or anything that may insight upset.


All and all, yes I did break the rules and I am sorry.

Feb 22, 17 18:17



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You have been warned multiple times for skirting the edge of the chat rules, please don't let this happen again, appeal accepted.

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