Disconnecting at spawn

Apr 02, 18 7:06



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Hi, so i've been having trouble logging in for the last 2 weeks or so. I either can't connect at all, or the chunk loads but I get kicked straight away. Over the last 2-3 days everything has been working fine, but I just tried to tp to spawn and got kicked, and now I can't connect again. It made me realise that my login problems were always happening when I was at spawn, and for the last few days i've been logging in from outside of spawn with no problem. I've tried everything I can like reinstalling my game, reseting my internet, etc with no luck, but I can connect to other servers without a problem, so I thought i'd let you know in case the problem isn't on my end? I've seen other people having login problems too so yeah. Thanks

Apr 02, 18 10:06



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I can connect just fine at spawn, so it probably isn’t server side :D

Apr 02, 18 21:53



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It is possible that it is server side if your connection is weak. I (with me garbage internet) can have connection issues when I hit areas of high entity count or start loading lots of chunks. Spawn does have a rather large ecount.

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