Problem made worse

Apr 04, 18 10:37



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I noobishly failed at killing the wither in the nether at spawn, I made a portal to get out quick before it finished me off. so then went to go the end to get home went through the nether portal over the bridge and it took me to the portal I had made with the wither right next to it. I got out alive but just a word of warning to anyone using the nether portal at spawn theres a wither right on the other side. no powerful teams on here nowadays? two withers wouldnt of lasted 5 mins when i used to play a few years ago somone would of wiped them out for the beacons straight away. so yeah i need a hero to get rid of them so i dont have to off myself to get home everytime i go for an advernture or to spawn.


Thanks Turtlee

Apr 04, 18 18:46



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I would do it, but it is a matter of me not playing this game anymore and being lazy! :P

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