The 11 types of SV Bans

May 02, 18 15:01



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Been on SV about 4 months and got the idea to formulate a list of my observations for amusement.

Like Spinal Tap, this list goes to 11.  Enjoy.


Script Kiddie

  •     Logs on, immediately start spamming chat with bot client or nonsense.  
  •     Straightforward, usually banned quickly.

Straight to the Point

  •     Logs on, first thing or very nearly first thing in chat includes cursing or racial/religious slurs.
  •     Also straightforward.


  •     Logs on, at some point breaks rules multiple times, banned.
  •     Upon being kicked or banned, suddenly another account pops up with same stuff.  Clearly the same individual.
  •     Hangs around until tired of relogging, runs out of accounts, or IP banned.

Sleeper Agent

  •     Joins server, things seem ok for the most part.
  •     Might give an indication or two of inappropriate behavior but generally quiets down when warned.
  •     Then one day seemingly out of the blue goes OFF.  Often multiple violations in quick sequence.
  •     Can leave regular users baffled.  Banned once people get over their shock.

Playing Dumb

  •     Makes appeal after being banned.
  •     Claims not to know why but often admits to some minor infraction or claims "I was lagging".
  •     Admin or Mod replies with evidence of major hacking or infractions, often with screen caps or vids.
  •     Amusement and Popcorn is had by all.

Devil's Advocate

  •     Makes appeal for friend who was banned.  
  •     For some reason friend is apparently incapable of creating their own account despite being able to play MC.
  •     Advised that friend must appeal for themselves.  Neither friend nor Advocate are generally ever heard from again.

Rip van Winkle

  •     Makes ban appeal after several months or even years of not playing on server.
  •     Does not remember what they were banned for.  May offer vague guess.  
  •     Unclear whether genuine appeal or very patient version of Playing Dumb.
  •     Admins often remember and still have evidence.  Admins have long memories.

Fine Line Walker

  •     Joins server. Some inappropriate behavior, warned and backs off.
  •     Later starts with more inappropriate behavior, but usually not quite enough to get banned outright.
  •     Basically attempting to push the envelope just enough to get away with stuff but not get banned.
  •     Lasts until they give up or body of evidence large enough to collectively justify ban.

Call Me Ishmael

  •     Joins server.  Player name is very clearly inappropriate.
  •     Asked to change name if they want to keep playing.  Generally logs off after kick and not heard from again.

The Philosopher

  •     Joins server.  Some inappropriate behavior, warned.
  •     Begins arguing about things like the definition of family friendly or philosophical concepts related to rules.
  •     May claim that some things have no direct reference in the rules, as if no specific mention means it's ok.
  •     Purposefully avoids actually breaking rules while holding long drawn out discussion about rules annoying everyone.
  •     Usually banned after a lot of pain for everyone involved.

The Unicorn

  •     Makes ban appeal. Upon reviewing evidence it is found that the ban was mistake or accident.  Unbanned.
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I guess we have no hackers then, maybe we are just THAT good.

May 02, 18 17:10



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None of them are 'hackers' - they are script kiddies Mel. But I love this thread. Fantastic job!



May 03, 18 0:12



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"Playing Dumb" falls under hackers

May 03, 18 0:28



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I enjoyed that read.

May 03, 18 9:17



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lol, amusing.

among the script kiddies, they align to a few categories before they are banned. in no particular order

The usual suspects:
Joins the server with a derp or guy fox skin and has to choose whether to fly right out of the gate and get auto jailed, or pass the quiz and fly introns of other players and get banned. in general, he or she cant resist the ban hammer.

The casual Xrayer
Typically found with their face pressed against the wall of their mining tunnel, without the ability to see blocks that are not ores, they are typically getting very intimate with the walls around them. they tend to get distracted and stare off into space, despite nothing but stone around them. they display clear signs of x-ray.

The factions man
This player is using a client for the purpose of covering ground, raiding, and killing. This player is lazy and will almost always fly over or speed through oceans and almost always has on speed on during land travel. Notable attributes are finding hidden bases unnaturally, taking no fall damage, going to fast, and punching mobs from behind their back.

The Obfuscator
difficult to describe, easy to catch

The watcher
My personal favorite, this hacker watches tab and never hacks if a staff member is online. This hacker may seem dangerous but their fatal weakness is that they have a false sense of security when no staff are on and do obvious and easy to catch hacks, and get auto jailed then get grumpy and leave forever before getting banned.

May 04, 18 6:38



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We all can learn a lot from this thread~

I like the "Whack-a-Mole" title. ^-^

May 04, 18 7:36



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Glad peeps are liking it. Like I said was mostly for fun however thanks LB for the insights, very interesting!

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