VOTE: Shulker Viewer Mod

May 13, 18 20:58



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Dislikes: 1
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Shulker Content Viewer Mod

A proposal has been put forward to allow a shulker viewer mod to be considerd for the approved mod list for Strictly Vanilla.  Note that this is a client side only mod, no code or changes are required on the server.

If you have an opinion on whether or not this mod should be allowed, please indicate your vote by commenting "yes" or "no".

Yes indicates you think the mod should be allowed.  No indicates you do not think the mod should be allowed.

To view the informational video, click the above link, or copy/paste into your browser the following link:


May 13, 18 22:49



Likes: 12
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Donated: 5

I say no. Without the mod, you hover over a shulkerbox and it list the first 7 (ish) items in the box (by name). Vanilla has that built into itself but without the visual.

May 14, 18 6:54



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/me votes yes. since this is only client side I dont see the harm. shulkers should probably work like this in the base game anyway.



May 17, 18 20:51



Likes: 46
Dislikes: 7
Donated: 3

I am not going to vote, only give my opinion. I don't see an issue with this mod, to me it seems like a quality of life mod rather than a game altering, game changing, or game advantage mod.

May 17, 18 23:00



Likes: 48
Dislikes: 6
Donated: 55

As a non-playing member, I probably shouldn't vote, but I do not see an issue with the mod either.

May 18, 18 10:16



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Donated: 15

I don't have a strong opinion one way or another, but since it's client-side, and since Kael knows good stuff, I'll vote 'yes'.

May 20, 18 9:06



Likes: 7
Dislikes: 1
Donated: 35

I'll vote yes as well. 

Saenaria, poll has been up a week now. Thinking this is probably sufficient time.  We have more for than against votes both here and on discord.

If you are ok with going ahead with folks using this mod please let us know. :)

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