Ban appeal... for some reason which I would be happy to know of.

Feb 23, 17 18:17



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I joined this server seeking a decent survival experience with other random players, and was not let down. This is a great server.

So it was dissapointing to be banned out of the blue while online. The reasons that were displayed were "Chat violations". So I'm confused. I am aware of the servers strict policy against swearing and needlessly harrassing the staff and other players. And as far as I am aware, I did none of these things. I wasn't even tossed into the cage thing that aparently holds rulebreakers. I felt like this may have been a mistake.

But on the chance that its not, I apologise for whatever offensiveness I have spoken.

Hope to be back soon, E.R.

P.S. Love the hockey minigame. Great job.

Feb 23, 17 21:32



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The cage isn't always used. It is mainly used for hackers, chat violators don't need to be put into it. As for the ban, I wasn't the one who banned you.

Feb 24, 17 7:34



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We encourage our entire player base to help enforce the rules and report rule infractions, because of this we get player reports of rule breaking all the time. Ty is correct the jail is maninly for hackers since hacking is a permaban. You were banned for political innuendo/banter in public chat. please read the full rules on that page, Appeal Accepted.

Feb 24, 17 8:46



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I understand. I will keep the real world out of this world. I apoligize for my rulebreaking. Thank you for allowing me back on.

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