Hello Everyone, We have added a new vote site to the list, we now have four. With the addition of this vote site we have also balanced out the rewards, please visit the Info Thread here for all of the new information. Any suggestions / comments are welcome please post them on this thread, as the Info Thread is locked.
Thank you all for voting and supporting the server!!!

Monthly top voter rewards have returned, the player with the most votes at the end of everymonth will receive an ingame prize!

The FTB server went live last night! We also had a lot of whitelist requests! Please post here if you would like to be added to the whitelist. :)

Everybody knows the rules :) I will begin.


Server Status

mc.strictlyvanilla.org: Online
19 / 50

skyblock.strictlyvanilla.org: Online
0 / 25

snap.strictlyvanilla.org: Online
0 / 20

ftb.strictlyvanilla.org: Online
0 / 20

Donation Goal

100% Complete

$200 out of $200

Top Donor

Username Amount
FaringUnnatural $1175
Demon1x $1150
Goodoldayz $250
ScaryFace011 $180
ChrnoSphere $170

Top Monthly Voter

Username Amount
Ioahn 109
NaughtyBoyx 105
Alkryn 97
Joshiyah 94
ty88ty2 94
DJ_drazul 93
Clu404 86
ScaryFace011 85
121Logger 84
notpod 81

Version: 0.6.0

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